What are the consequences of commercial drunk driving?

What are the consequences of commercial drunk driving?

Drunk driving cases are common in Orlando, Florida. Drivers who have consumed a little or a lot of alcohol can be charged with drunk driving, if they get pulled over and the officer believes that the driver is intoxicated. A series of sobriety and blood-alcohol level tests may ensue to confirm police suspicions. Readers should understand that passenger vehicle drivers may face different penalties compared to commercial vehicle drivers of trucks or cars when it comes to drunk driving.

If a commercial vehicle driver refuses a breath test or is convicted of any drunk driving offense, the driver will be disqualified from operating a commercial vehicle for one year. Subsequent offenses can lead to permanent disqualification from operating a commercial vehicle

Commercial drivers who have been accused of a drunk driving offense should be aware of such consequences. If they are convicted of a drunk driving offense, they will lose the right to operate a commercial vehicle, which could definitely affect their income. Fortunately, many ways exist to fight drunk driving charges. First, the suspected drunk driver should establish a strong criminal defense. Though this may sound easy, crafting a solid defense can be difficult without the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney.

DUI laws are complex and an experienced attorney can be invaluable when it comes to defending against drunk driving charges. The goal of establishing a DUI defense is to protect the best interests of the defendant. The defense can focus on how the stop occurred and question whether the officer had legally sufficient reason to stop the driver. In addition, an attorney can challenge the veracity of all of the state’s evidence.

DUI charges are serious for any driver that is facing them. Therefore, the accused should do everything that they can to defend against the charges.

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What are the consequences of commercial drunk driving?