Volusia County Fights to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

Volusia County Fights to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

Volusia County Fights to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

As the global pandemic of the Coronavirus spreads across counties in Florida, many local government authorities are requiring residents to stay home. There have been more than 6,000 positive cases of the COVID-19 so far in Florida. So far, Volusia County has found 75 residents who have tested positive for the virus – marking a small percentage of total Coronavirus cases in Florida.

At this point, no stay at home order has been placed on Volusia County. Instead, county officials have enforced other restrictions on Volusia’s 500,000 residents. On March 9, Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a State of Emergency in Florida. This Executive Order empowers local governments to enforce their own restrictions and regulations based on the needs of the community. The following details the regulations that Volusia County has enforced so far: 

Volusia County Declared a State of Local Emergency

On March 13, Volusia County Manager George Recktenwald issued a Declaration of State of Local Emergency relating to the Coronavirus. The original effective dates expired on March 20 but have since been extended until March 31. As of Tuesday, March 31, the county has not issued any Emergency Declarations following up whether the county’s State of Local Emergency would be extended or not. 

What Do Residents of Volusia County Need to Know?

Volusia County residents do not need to abide by any set curfews at this time. Volusia County government urges all residents to abide by social distancing guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control. Those guidelines include: 

  • Keep six feet of distance between other people 
  • Stay home if you’re sick or are a person at risk
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often
  • Avoid group gatherings of ten or more people

Volusia County public schools are closed, and students are now practicing distance or virtual learning instead. Many other public areas are closed as well, including vehicular access ramps, county parks, libraries, museums, and science centers until further notice. Beaches, however, remain open for now. 

When Will Closures in Volusia County End?

Students going to Volusia County public schools will return to class as usual on May 1. Until then, students will continue logging-in online to participate in learning activities. Public areas previously mentioned, like parks and libraries, will remain closed until further notice. 

Volusia County has addressed beachgoers in the community, urging them to abide by social distancing guidelines of keeping six feet of distance, and not visiting beaches with groups of ten people or more. Ultimately, Volusia County emphasizes that preventing the spread of the Coronavirus is the responsibility of every resident. The safety and well-being of the Volusia County community are reliant on residents and visitors doing their individual part to keep each other safe. 

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Volusia County Fights to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus