Umansky Law Firm Attorney Gets DUI Dismissed

Umansky Law Firm Attorney Gets DUI Dismissed

Umansky Law Firm Attorney Gets DUI Dismissed

Attorney Rachel A. Mattie is a criminal defense attorney at The Umansky Law Firm. Her recent case highlights the importance of working with an attorney dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights.

One day in January, police lay the handcuffs on Ms. Mattie’s client for DUI. Video evidence depicted the client and the actions of the law enforcement officers who made the traffic stop. This evidence was key in the case’s resolution. It showed that the client did not appear intoxicated. Likewise, the video captured the actions of the cops in the background who were attempting to search the client’s car, even though he did not consent to a search.

At the hearing, the judge agreed with Ms. Mattie that the DUI arrest was not legitimate and that the cops abused their power to try to get into the defendant’s car without consent. In the courtroom with her client and the responsible cop present, the judge stated that what he witnessed on the video was “deeply disturbing” and “an abuse of power.” He continued to reprimand the cop until he left the courtroom.

A Positive Outcome for Our Client

Ms. Mattie’s client was grateful for her defense. He had a history of taking plea deals in the past that he regretted. The client claimed he has felt targeted by police due to his appearance. He confessed to Ms. Mattie that he believed she would push him into a plea deal like every other lawyer who has defended him. Ms. Mattie assured him that at The Umansky Law Firm, we don’t budge so easily.

Understanding Your Rights at a Traffic Stop

This case addresses the prominent issue of police misconduct and illegal searches. It also highlights the importance of knowing and understanding your rights at the time of a traffic stop. If police stop you for suspicion of DUI in Orlando, you should know the best way to respond.

It is not uncommon for police to attempt to turn a regular traffic or DUI stop into a vehicle search. Though law enforcement officers have the right to escalate a traffic stop to a search with probable cause to do so, they cannot do so just because they feel like inspecting your vehicle unless you give them consent to do so.

What Should I Do if I’m Stopped?

Anybody who drives risks a traffic stop. When the time comes, being prepared for the stop could reduce your odds of being subjected to a search. Be sure to have all your documents nearby so that when the officer asks to see them, you don’t have to frantically search for them. The slightest indication of being disorganized or confused may lead an officer to believe that you are intoxicated or that you have something to hide.

What Should I Do if the Officer Wants to Search My Car?

A police officer may ask you for permission to search your car without informing you that you have the right to refuse the search. Do not grant him permission! If you do, the officer needs zero probable cause to conduct a lawful search. You also give the officer a chance to discover something he could use against you.

When to Call an Orlando DUI Lawyer

As soon as you are arrested for DUI in Orlando, you should contact an experienced DUI lawyer to represent your case. Attorneys with The Umansky Law Firm have years of experience fighting DUI charges and preserving your constitutional rights. We understand the hardships associated with an arrest and want to help you make a strong comeback. Find out what we can do for you by calling our office for a free consultation. Let’s work toward a brighter future together.

Umansky Law Firm Attorney Gets DUI Dismissed