UK Family of 4 Dies in Titusville Car Crash

UK Family of 4 Dies in Titusville Car Crash

UK Family of 4 Dies in Titusville Car Crash


A family of four visiting Central Florida from Bristol, England recently lost their lives in a tragic collision in Titusville. A young couple and the driver’s parents were traveling back to a rental home after a trip to the Kennedy Space Center when the GPS navigation system rerouted them to avoid congestion. The family, traveling in a small white rental car completed a U-turn as instructed at a busy intersection. That’s when their day of festivities took an unexpected turn for the worst.

Titusville Police Department conducted a preliminary investigation that found that the British family had completed a U-turn at the junction between SR 405 and Sisson Road when they drove right into the path of a heavy duty pickup truck going full speed. Todd Hutchinson, deputy chief of the Titusville Police Department, said the crash was “the worst possible impact you can have” and described the collision as “violent.”

The driver of the black Ford pickup truck claimed there was nothing he could do to avoid the crash. The force of the impact, along with the discrepancy in size from one vehicle to the next caused the entire family in the sedan to perish at the scene, while the truck driver received treatment for minor injuries.

Just one member survives the family of British tourists — the brother of the driver, who did not wish to participate in the outing. Police believe the family visited the space center to witness the SpaceX rocket launch.

Safe Driving Tips for British Tourists

Tourists visiting Central Florida from the UK should take certain precautions before getting behind the wheel. It is also important to know what steps to take after an accident and to understand that travelers have the right to seek justice after they have suffered harm through no fault of their own.

  1. Map out the journey in advance and be attentive to any changes in the route that your GPS may deem necessary. If you are not comfortable taking an unexpected route, stick to the original plan.
  2. Get comfortable with the vehicle before getting on the highway. It’s also important to remember that Americans drive on the right-hand side of the road. When driving on the highway, keep in mind that exit lanes are accessible from the right-most lanes.
  3. Most American cars are automatic. Use your right foot to control both the accelerator and the brake pedals.
  4. You can turn right on red but only after making a complete stop and making sure there is no oncoming traffic.
  5. You can do a U-turn at the end of most junctions. Signs will show where you may not complete a U-turn. Always be sure the coast is clear.
  6. Always call 911 after a car accident. Even if no one appears injured, you must report the accident to police and to your rental car company. It is highly recommended to receive a medical evaluation after surviving a car crash.
  7. Call an Orlando car accident lawyer. After a car accident, it’s important to file a police report of the accident and preserve evidence, such as taking photographs of the accident scene and any injuries you sustained. If you were hurt through no fault of your own, a personal injury attorney with The Umansky Law Firm might be able to help you receive compensation.

Working with an Orlando Wrongful Death Lawyer

Tragic accidents like the one above can happen to anybody. The death of a loved one is a traumatic experience that nothing can soften; however, grief often mounts when you know that your loved one died because another person was being negligent or reckless. It is at these times that it may be sensible to work with a wrongful death attorney.

An attorney with our firm will show you compassion, dedication, and personal attention as you seek justice for wrongful death. We understand that no amount of money will bring your loved one back, but we believe that the responsible parties should face the consequences of their actions.

Our wrongful death lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience pursuing compensation for those who have suffered injustice. Call our office to discuss your wrongful death case for free or email us a description of your accident case.

UK Family of 4 Dies in Titusville Car Crash