Trucking Companies are Incorporating 3 Vital Safety Features

Trucking Companies are Incorporating 3 Vital Safety Features

Trucking Companies are Incorporating 3 Vital Safety Features

All companies want to ensure that their staff and everyone else is safe. Trucking companies are no exception to that rule, and they are continually using new technology to not only provide safety but to help their drivers to be more efficient as well. This technology is fundamental and comes as a result of analytics that can determine whether truckers are being risky while on the road. These three findings can also help to avoid a potential disaster.

Journey Management

Trucking companies must always plan for safe trips for every one of its drivers. Trucks equipped with GPS monitoring software know how to reach their destination efficiently, but also allow the trucking company to monitor drivers. The software can also alert the company if a truck driver has taken a wrong turn, is speeding, or is generally driving in an unsafe manner.

Driver Behavior Management

Any time a driver — a trucker or otherwise — engages in risky behavior behind the wheel, he or she increases the risk of a vehicle accident. Driver behavior monitoring systems built into the cab of a truck include cameras and sensors that can detect when a truck driver is displaying unsafe driving behavior and can increase the likelihood of a crash occurring. Dangerous activities that the software can pick up on include

  • Drifting from lane to lane
  • Driver fatigue and
  • Drivers taking their eyes off the road

The driver behavior management system detects distracted driving and alert the driver by vibrating in their seat or letting off a tone to grab their attention back on the road. The system can also record the event so that the company can train the driver on ways they can avoid becoming distracted.

Electronic Logbooks

Electronic logbooks (ELDs) are digital solutions that allow both trucking companies and truckers to manage their Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. They are connected to the engine of the truck and can easily track the amount of time the vehicle spent on the road. These record-keeps serve as evidence to help truck drivers. When there’s an official log, companies strive to make sure there are no fatigued drivers on the road. As of late 2017, all trucks are equipped with ELDs.

Getting Legal Help After a Truck Accident

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Trucking Companies are Incorporating 3 Vital Safety Features