Tips for Avoiding Theft This Holiday Season

Tips for Avoiding Theft This Holiday Season

Tips for Avoiding Theft This Holiday Season

With the holiday season around the corner, everyone is rushing to purchase gifts. Some of these gifts can be incredibly expensive. Even if the gifts aren’t expensive, they still can have great sentimental value. The last thing anyone wants to experience during any time of year is theft, but it can feel particularly crushing to lose a well-thought-out holiday gift due to theft.

5 Tips to Avoid Theft This Holiday Season

No one wants their holiday cheer dimmed because an unknown figure ran off with the gifts under the tree. Protect yourself and your belongings this holiday season with the following five tips:

Keep Lights on and Curtains Closed

Many people travel during the holiday season, but a dark and unoccupied house can become a potential target for burglary. You can keep up the appearance that someone is home by installing a timer for the house lights. This will allow the lights to turn on even when you’re not at home. Another good option is to ask a friend or neighbor to turn the lights on for a few hours a day.

Even if you are home, keep prying eyes away from your valuables by shutting all curtains. Don’t let potential burglars see what’s inside your home. At night, always double-check that no one can see through the windows.

Be Vigilant about Locking Up

Always lock up when you leave or enter your home. Ensure all entrances and exits are locked. You should avoid leaving gifts and valuables out in the open, especially while traveling. Find a secure place in your home to stash away valuables with a lock and key as extra security. This extra security is also a great way to keep the gifts away from the kids.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

A sliding door may have a lock, but it still might not be the most secure. A metal or wooden rod can be used to brace the door in case the lock is compromised.

Sign For All Deliveries

FedEx and USPS allow you to set delivery times for when you are home. This way, you can sign for your important deliveries and avoid the theft of your packages. By signing for all delivered packages, you avoid leaving them out by the front door for extended periods of time. If you aren’t home, you can make an alternate pick-up arrangement. Instead of letting the package sit outside, send it to the local post office, where it will be safe until you can sign for it.


Install Deadbolts

A deadbolt is an excellent extra layer of protection because of its design and locking mechanism. Without the key, opening a door is more challenging, creating stronger resistance for potential intruders.

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Tips for Avoiding Theft This Holiday Season