Time to Have Fun, Wear Costumes and Party – but Don’t Drink and Drive!

Time to Have Fun, Wear Costumes and Party – but Don’t Drink and Drive!

Time to Have Fun, Wear Costumes and Party – but Don’t Drink and Drive!

Halloween is just around the corner and there is no shortage of fun to be had. Whether you plan to enjoy night life in Orlando, head to Winter Park for their annual Halloween festivities, lose yourself in corn mazes in the Longwood area or go for the ultimate fright at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, you are guaranteed a wickedly good time. If your celebrations will include libations, be sure to plan ahead to prevent drinking and driving. Keep safe and avoid DUI charges so that your Halloween celebration doesn’t haunt you for years to come.

Safe Transportation Options

With a little preparation, you can ensure a safe end to your night of fun. There are many options available to you; here are a few of them:

•· Ask a friend who likes to go to parties but doesn’t care to drink if he or she will act as your designated driver. Or, if you will attend more than one party, trade off being the designated driver with a close friend. If you have accepted the job of being a designated driver, take it seriously. Do not drink alcohol at all. Enjoy non-alcoholic versions of your favorite mixed drinks, club soda or your favorite soft beverage.

•· Consider registering with and using a driving service. Safe Ride Solutions is an Orlando organization operated by retired public safety officers. For a small annual membership fee, they will drive you and your friends around in your own vehicle for a reasonable price. This is an excellent option if you plan to bar-hop or make the rounds at the clubs. If you have a large vehicle, the cost per person can be as low as $20. For more information on Safe Ride Solutions and their services, visit their website.

•· If you find yourself in need of a safe ride home at the end of the night, consider taking a taxi. The national company 1-800-TAXI-USA has partnered up with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) in an effort to reduce injuries and fatalities related to accidents involving drunk drivers. Considering the costs associated with DUI charges – fines, defense attorneys, insurance hikes, embarrassment and shame – the cost of a taxi ride is real deal.

•· How about just partying all night! Partying at a friend’s house? Ask if you can crash on their sofa. If you stay the night, be considerate. Plan to get up and out in the morning with a minimal amount of disruption to the household. Wait until you get home to take a shower and eat breakfast.

•· Consider having fun without using alcohol. For a night you will remember, leave out the liquor. Attending one of the Halloween events in the area, like Winter Park’s family friendly event or Universal’s truly frightening Halloween Horror Nights, you are sure to have a smiles and screams. And you will still be smiling in the morning when you wake up without the hangover!

However you choose to spend your Halloween, don’t throw caution to the howling wind. Take a little time to prepare for how you and your friends will get home safely after an evening of fun. Drinking and driving could turn your night of fun into a living nightmare. Don’t add DUI charges, an Orlando criminal defense attorney and court fines to your memory of your Halloween celebration. Be smart. Be safe. Don’t drink and drive.

Time to Have Fun, Wear Costumes and Party – but Don’t Drink and Drive!