Three Possible Defenses to Drug Trafficking

Three Possible Defenses to Drug Trafficking

Three Possible Defenses to Drug Trafficking

A drug trafficking charge is a grave matter for any individual. Being accused of trafficking drugs can result in a minimum of three years in prison, followed by probation and hefty fines. Besides, having a felony charge on a personal record often impacts the ability to secure jobs in the future. Anyone in this situation must enlist the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The lawyer can determine which drug trafficking defense is the most relevant in each specific case.

Three Drug Trafficking Defense Options

In general, there are three defenses when a party gets accused of drug trafficking. All of these defenses may be valid but depend on the circumstances surrounding each person’s case. An attorney must determine which defense is going to work best for a client. A lawyer that specializes in criminal defense cases will have a team of investigators look at the evidence to determine what happened at the moment of arrest.

The three most common defense options include the following:

  • Entrapment – A person could claim entrapment as a defense against drug trafficking if they believe that they were set up by the police. However, this defense is only valid depending on certain factors in the individual’s background. For instance, if the person has a criminal history, especially regarding drug offenses, it might not be a relevant or believable defense. Also, if the prosecution has specific evidence that supports the drug trafficking crime, it might not work.
  • Deny Possession – Another common defense against drug trafficking is for the individual to deny possession completely. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual was in constructive possession of drugs. Depending on the circumstances of the case, it could be challenging to show that such ownership existed.
  • Unlawful Search and Seizure – The third defense against a drug trafficking charge is illegal search and seizure, meaning that the defense can claim that the law enforcement officers who performed a search of the defendant’s home, vehicle, or person, did so without the proper warrants. Not having the proper paperwork for a search would get the charge of drug trafficking thrown out by the court.

A person charged with drug trafficking should never take such a situation lightly. Drug trafficking is considered a felony, which could lead to lengthy prison time. Anyone in a case involving drug trafficking charges must immediately speak with an attorney. It is the best chance at getting the charges reduced or even dropped altogether.

Florida Drug Trafficking Attorneys

The attorney you choose to represent you after your drug trafficking charge is vital. The Umansky Law Firm has experience dealing with drug trafficking charges across Florida and is eager to help you today. We take each case seriously and do everything we can to provide high-quality legal services.

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Three Possible Defenses to Drug Trafficking