Theme Park Employees and Former Educator Face Child Pornography Charges

Theme Park Employees and Former Educator Face Child Pornography Charges

Theme Park Employees and Former Educator Face Child Pornography Charges

On Friday, November 8, the Computer Crimes Unit of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested 17 men on child pornography charges. Among those arrested were two Disney employees and a former Florida educator. The sting was named “Operation Guardians of Innocence: Fall Haul.”

According to Polk Sheriff Grady Judd, “The people arrested during this operation prey on the most innocent and vulnerable among us — our children. The undercover detectives who investigate these crimes have to see things that nobody should have to see, and no child should have to experience. Each one of these arrests has removed a predator from our streets and the internet.” 

The 17 men in the case face 267 collective counts of child pornography possession. Many of those arrested faced a total of 500 similar charges in the past. Currently, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is working on an extensive investigation of the electronic devices that belong to the men who were arrested.

What Are the Penalties For Possession of Child Pornography?

According to Florida Statute 827.072(5)(a), child pornography is the act of knowingly possessing or viewing child pornography. Photographs, videos, representations, images, data files, and computer depictions that include any sexual activity of a child are all considered child pornography. In Florida, individuals charged with possession of child pornography face serious consequences. 

Possession of Child Pornography is considered a Third Degree Felony in Florida. Penalties for Third Degree Felonies include:

  • Up to 5 years in prison
  • Up to 5 years probation
  • Up to $5,000 in fines

Any child pornography charge in which a person possesses four or more images is subject to mandatory incarceration of 12 months. If convicted, the individuals charged in this sting could face significant time in prison and a significant amount in fines.

What Are Defense Strategies For Child Pornography Charges?

The best line of defense for an individual accused in this case is a lawyer who has experience defending child pornography charges. The most common defense strategies for child pornography charges include:

  • Adult depiction
  • Child erotica
  • Transitory possession

In the case at hand, the individuals will need to consult a lawyer who understands how to create a viable defense strategy. In a case such as this, a competent lawyer will have the opportunity to mitigate the charges these individuals face. 

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Theme Park Employees and Former Educator Face Child Pornography Charges