Theft Criminal Defense Article

Theft Criminal Defense Article

Theft has become a growing problem in today’s economy, so retailers and businesses everywhere are cracking down. With the multimillion dollar industry of anti-theft security, businesses are scrutinizing their customers more closely than ever, sometimes even leading to the false accusation of theft.

Personal theft in Central Florida being on the rise has caused our society to enter a state of paranoia with police in Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, and Volusia County on guard at all times for any behavior deemed suspicious. With such high volumes of reported theft and such an intense demand on law enforcement to apprehend suspects it is no surprise that the number of those charged has also increased substantially.

Have you or a family member been accused of a theft crime?

Being charged with theft can have serious consequences, both present and future. The penalties range in accordance with the amount stolen, petit theft typically being under $750 and grand theft equal to or above the same amount. However, even petit theft can land you up to a year in prison depending on the amount stolen; whether it is cash or merchandise, even the smallest item stolen can have serious consequences.

If convicted of petit theft you can be forced to pay fines of up to $1000, a heavy price tag for an item that may have only cost $100 originally.

The legal and financial burdens are not the only consequence of being charged with a crime of this nature, it complicates other aspects of your life as well. Being charged with theft, even petit theft, will be indicated on your record in any background check by a prospective employer or landlord. Many employers are hesitant to hire someone with a record, especially if they will be working around valuables or money.

With all of the consequences that can arise from being charged with theft, it is essential that you have competent and experienced lawyers on your side. At the Umansky Law Firm our Orlando theft attorneys have tried many theft cases in Orange, Seminole, Brevard, Lake, Osceola, Polk and Volusia Counties.

Let our years of experience and dedication as defense lawyers work for you to insure that your rights are protected in these confusing times. To contact us please call 407-228-3838 or use the Contact Us form on our website: Orlando Theft Defense Attorney

Theft Criminal Defense Article