The City of Orlando Votes “Yes” on E-Scooters

The City of Orlando Votes “Yes” on E-Scooters

The City of Orlando Votes “Yes” on E-Scooters

The votes are in. On Nov. 11, the Orlando City Council voted unanimously to bring electric scooters to the streets of downtown for the first time. This decision comes after the successful bikeshare program that Orlando introduced in 2015, followed by the 2018 decision to incorporate dockless bikes. To make electric scooters a permanent fixture in Orlando, city commissioners will need to approve the plan a second time in December.

What Other Florida Cities Have Electric Scooters

In Florida, several cities — including Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami — have already incorporated electric scooters to their city streets. So far, the results have been mixed. Some people love the ease of getting around without having to find parking or fight traffic. Others have complained about scooters disrupting pedestrians on the sidewalks. Some businesses and event venues have expressed frustration with abandoned scooters being littered around their property. The monthly ridership for those cities has gotten quite high:

  • Tampa with 117,000
  • Fort Lauderdale with 100,000
  • Miami with 100,000

Other cities in the United States that have added electric scooters include Santa Monica, Calif.;  Portland, Oregon; and Providence, R.I.

Details on Electric Scooters in Downtown Orlando

All it takes to use an electric scooter is a mobile phone app, balance, and a few dollars. Popular brands that are being used in other major cities include:

  • Lime
  • Bird
  • Bolt
  • and Gotcha. 

Bolt is a new company that recently opened its headquarters in Miami. Typically, electric scooters cost $1 to rent, plus 15 cents for every minute you’re riding one.

In Orlando, the program dictates that a total of 1,800 electric scooters will initially be introduced – with about 80% located in the downtown area. Out of those being used in downtown, about 60% will be kept east of Interstate 4, and 20% west of it. Orlando is expected to have about 30,000 riders using electric scooters per month. This figure is slightly less than the average 31,600 riders renting bikes per month.

There have been 15 companies so far that have shown interest in providing electric scooters to Orlando. Companies can introduce 200 scooters initially, then later increase that number to 400. In total, the recommended amount will not exceed 1,800 scooters. These companies will need a permit to participate, and permits will remain active for one year. Companies that apply for a permit must be fully operational within 60 days of their permit being approved, or else it will be revoked.

What Restrictions Are There for Electric Scooters in Orlando?

Certain areas will be off-limits for electric scooters. Orlando City Commissioners Patty Sheehan and Robert Stuart have both voiced concerns that certain areas must be off-limits for electric scooters, including:

  • Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando
  • Edgewater Drive in College Park
  • other pedestrian-friendly areas.

A maximum speed of 10 miles per hour has been recommended, but that number may change as the process moves forward. Rules on where these electric scooters can park are also being discussed to avoid electric scooters littering the downtown sidewalks.

Attorneys in Downtown Orlando You Can Trust

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The City of Orlando Votes “Yes” on E-Scooters