Seven Face Federal Drug Trafficking Charges in Orlando Marijuana Ring Bust

Seven Face Federal Drug Trafficking Charges in Orlando Marijuana Ring Bust

Three packages containing two pounds of marijuana each at an air-mail facility in Orlando started a federal investigation into an alleged drug ring in Orange County and Seminole County. Authorities have since identified 141 similar-weight packages sent to Central Florida, totaling about $2 million worth of marijuana, from California.

Authorities traced $1.3 million in payments coming from Central Florida to the alleged shipper of the packages of marijuana since 2008. One of the men accused in the drug trafficking ring was stopped in May at Orlando International Airport, on a trip to San Franciso. He was carrying over $30,000 in cash, which he claimed as winnings from gambling and commission on real estate deals.

The seven arrests, like many Florida drug trafficking arrests, came after a carefully planned and carried out sting operation by law enforcement. When undercover police are used to root out a suspected drug-dealing operation, a skilled Orlando drug trafficking defense attorney should be involved right away to protect the rights of those accused of drug crimes.

Federal or State, Drug Trafficking is a Serious Charge Requiring a Serious Defense

Drug trafficking includes selling, delivering or bringing drugs into the state of Florida. Drug trafficking charges are not limited to marijuana; cocaine and meth are other commonly-trafficked drugs. If you are in possession of drugs, regardless of whether or not you truly intend to sell or otherwise distribute them, law enforcement may assume that you are doing so if you have over a certain quantity on you.

Drug trafficking is a felony-level offense and is punishable by mandatory minimum sentences in Florida. Florida drug trafficking laws may force a prison term of three years to life on someone convicted of a drug-trafficking offense. Drug-related charges should not be taken lightly.

Law enforcement believes that a home in Ocoee was the Central Florida hub of the marijuana drug ring. Those accused in the drug trafficking ring received packages of drugs shipped to the Ocoee home and further distributed the marijuana throughout Orlando and beyond.

A federal charge of conspiracy to distributed a controlled substance has been made against five of the seven individuals accused of involvement in the Orlando marijuana drug ring.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Drug ring shipped pounds of marijuana to Central Florida, feds say,” 21 September 2011

Seven Face Federal Drug Trafficking Charges in Orlando Marijuana Ring Bust