Seminole County Promotes Social Distancing to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

Seminole County Promotes Social Distancing to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

Seminole County has responded to the coronavirus pandemic by issuing new guidelines that promote social distancing as a tool for slowing the spread of COVID-19. The suburban county just outside of Orlando is urging residents to put six feet of separation between one another and limit their contact as much as possible. 

Municipal leaders issued a county-wide Social Distancing Order mandating that no gatherings with 10 or more people will be allowed, and businesses are ordered to limit occupancy to 30% of the maximum allowable capacity as a means of promoting social distancing.

When Did Seminole County’s Social Distancing Order Go Into Effect?

The order went into effect on Sunday, March 20, but three days later, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a mandatory Stay At Home order for the entire state, which remains in effect until the end of the month. Seminole County leaders announced that they’re now working to ensure the countrywide social distancing mandate is in compliance with the governor’s sweeping order.

Seminole County leaders did decide to allow the county trails to stay open so people could exercise outdoors, although playgrounds and basketball courts are closed to prevent crowds from gathering there. By Wednesday, April 1, Seminole County had 124 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 347 people are now self-isolating within the county.

To learn more about Seminole County’s order, visit the county government website and Seminole County’s Emergency Management Office.

Key Points About Seminole County’s Social Distancing Order

When did the Stay At Home Order go into effect?

Seminole County’s order went into effect on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

When will the order be lifted?

The order will stay in effect through the end of April 2020.

What are the violations and penalties associated with the order? 

Businesses and individuals who fail to comply with the social distancing order on a “consistent basis” can be fined up to $500 and repeat violations could result in jail time.

What kind of order is it? 

Seminole County issued an Executive Order for these social distancing guidelines

What are essential businesses? 

Seminole County’s Social Distancing Order allows businesses to remain open but requires all employees and patrons to practice the social distancing rules and limits occupancy. 

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Seminole County Promotes Social Distancing to Combat the Spread of COVID-19