Reducing a Domestic Violence Charge

Reducing a Domestic Violence Charge

How to Mitigate Domestic Violence Charges

Facing domestic violence charges is an overwhelming experience. With so much at stake, it’s easy to feel like there’s no way out. However, it’s not impossible to get domestic violence charges mitigated. An experienced attorney can negotiate charges down to where you’ll avoid jail time and instead have to enroll in anger management classes or in many cases get the charges dropped or dismissed completely.

To free your future from the implications of domestic violence charges, you must have them dropped or dismissed to be eligible to expunge your record. A credible domestic violence attorney is your biggest asset in a domestic violence case. An attorney with experience handling cases like yours understands how to work with all of the parties involved and create a viable defense strategy that will work to help you experience a future free from the stress of domestic violence charges.

If you’re currently facing domestic violence charges, the attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm believe you deserve a second chance and want to assist you with your case.

What’s the Role of Your Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, your best course of action is to seek assistance from a criminal defense attorney. Lawyers play a major role in having charges lessened, but a large part of their success comes from the actions of the other party involved. An experienced criminal defense attorney will understand how to speak to those involved in the case and work toward getting them to agree to a declination of prosecution. If the other party does not agree to a declination of prosecution, it’s possible to get the charge reduced to a non-domestic battery or disorderly conduct charge so you can possibly be eligible to seal your record.

If that hasn’t occurred or the other party doesn’t want to go forward in the case, an experienced attorney will work with the court to qualify you for a first offender program. Most state attorney’s offices in Central Florida have first offender programs for domestic violence battery charges; however, the requirements of these programs are different.

What Are Conviction Alternatives for Domestic Violence Offenders?

If you’re facing charges for domestic violence, you will want to seek legal counsel to see what your options for alternative penalties are. In Florida, a common alternative to traditional domestic violence penalties is BIP or the batter’s intervention program. BIP is a program offered throughout Florida. It’s a 26-week counseling program that’s not difficult to complete in terms of what you actually have to do, but it is time-intensive.

Another option that many offenders opt for and that state attorney’s offices allow is a 12-week anger management class. This class is a much shorter time commitment and a preferred option for offenders who qualify. Depending on the case, some offenders also qualify for a first offender program to be completed through an 8-hour anger management class.

What Is a First Offender Program?

In Florida, a first offender program is a preferred choice for individuals charged with domestic violence. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know what it takes to negotiate with the state attorney’s office to qualify you for a first offender program. If you don’t qualify for a first offender program, however, or the state attorney’s office does not agree to put you on the first offender program, your attorney will work with the state attorney’s office to have you put on probation while completing anger management classes.

If you qualify for the first offender program, all cases against you will be dropped when the requirements are complete. Once the case is dropped, you have the opportunity to move forward with and expunge your record.

Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyers

If you’re facing domestic violence charges and are unaware of your legal options, reach out to a local criminal defense attorney who can inform you of your rights. The Orlando domestic violence lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm have more than 100 years of combined experience. With time spent as prosecutors on the state and local level, we are aware of the tactics used by the state attorney’s office to get a conviction.

Allow us to work on your behalf to settle your legal issue on the most favorable terms. Contact one of the top law firms in Central Florida today for a free case evaluation.

Reducing a Domestic Violence Charge