Prostitution Sting in Orlando on OBT Last Week Results in Arrests

Prostitution Sting in Orlando on OBT Last Week Results in Arrests

If you need a criminal defense attorney after arrested in prostitution sting in Orlando, make sure you speak to a lawyer before your first court date. A sting in Orlando was carried out in the vicinity of OBT by Orlando Police Department this past week which netted a few arrests of individuals for prostitution. It remains to be seen if the police conducted these stings with recording devices such as video cameras or wires. Last weeks sting in Orlando usually involve police acting in the role of prostitutes.

Undercover operatives pose as prostitutes will often approach cars in an attempt to strike up a conversation with unsuspecting individuals. This “conversation” can turn illegal in a heartbeat once sex and money are talked about. You do not need to intend to complete the act, trade money or have sexual relations to commit the crime. Prostitution arrests for solicitation and assignation are based upon words alone.

Penalties for violation of prostitution laws can range from fines, court costs, HIV and STD testing, Aids Awareness classes and probation. If convicted, the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend the offender’s drivers license. IF you are a first offender and you do not profit from the crime prostitution you may be eligible for a Pretrial Diversion program in most central Florida counties including Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Volusia and Brevard. Of course each county has its own policies and guidelines for their Diversion programs and it always makes sense to ask the prosecutor as those guidelines continually change.

In many of these sting operations, there are plenty of defenses that can be raised by a criminal lawyer who handles prostitution cases. Criminal Lawyers can raise defenses such as:

  • Subjective Entrapment
  • Objective Entrapment
  • Lack of video recording
  • Lack of audio recording
  • Quality of the evidence is poor
  • Conversation between the police and suspect did not arise to a crime

If you are ever stopped at a corner and approached by a woman “looking for a ride”, roll up your windows and drive away. If you engage in any conversation at all, your words could be misconstrued and you could end up being arrested for solicitation of Prostitution in Florida.

Prostitution Sting in Orlando on OBT Last Week Results in Arrests