Prosecutor faces drug charges after police find meth

Prosecutor faces drug charges after police find meth

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Florida. To address the situation, law enforcement authorities are very strict when it comes to the possession of a prohibited substance, even in very small amounts. A person found in possession of drugs, even if that person is unaware of having such a substance, can face drug charges.

A state prosecutor, who has worked for the Florida State Attorney’s Office for more than a year, was in a similar sticky situation recently. The 32-year-old assistant state attorney for Broward County was pulled over for a traffic stop. According to police, they asked the woman if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and she replied that she was not sure.

Officers then searched her vehicle and found a white capsule. After testing, the contents of the capsule were verified as methamphetamine. The report did not indicate if there were any traces of other drugs. The prosecutor stated that pill did not belong to her but she was arrested and charged with possession of an illegal substance. She paid a thousand dollar bond for her temporary release.

The presence of a prohibited substance in a person’s vehicle is not a common scenario and it does not necessarily mean that the drug belongs to the person who owns the vehicle. Nonetheless, a person in possession of drugs will be charged with a drug offense.

A Florida resident faced with this kind of situation may need the expert guidance of a criminal law attorney to clear his or her name. An attorney can help make an aggressive defense featuring evidence showing that a suspect has no links to the prohibited substance.

Source: The New York Daily News, “Florida prosecutor busted with meth,” Philip Caufield, May 8, 2014

Prosecutor faces drug charges after police find meth