Players You May Not Want to Draft For Fantasy Football This Year

Players You May Not Want to Draft For Fantasy Football This Year

Better reconsider your roster this year.  While you’re looking at football player statistics and checking the newswire, keep in mind the large number of NFL players arrested this year for crimes that can afflict them during this season.

According to Fox Sports, 33 NFL players have been arrested so far this year. Some of the cases have not gone to court yet, but the common denominator are “entertainment related offenses”. 25 out of the 33 players arrested were charged with DUI’s, DWI’s or marijuana possession, concluding that this offseason has been one for partying for many players.

Five of the most recent arrests also included violence. For a member of the National Football League, who is highly-paid for high-octane ferocity and endurance on the field, it could be difficult to calm down when they get on civilian ground. Here are a few of the most recent NFL arrests:

• Adrian Peterson was arrested on July 7 and is charged with resisting arrest after a heated conversation at a Houston nightclub. His attorneys are disputing all charges right now.

• Kenny Britt, wide receiver in the Tennessee Titans, has been in trouble with the law since he joined the Titans in 2009. On July 20, on Ft. Campbell military base, he was charged with a DWI.

• According to the NFL Network, Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant was arrested for the first time in his three year career. The Dallas Morning News suggests that he’s been arrogant about his arrest, so they proposed suspending him for a month. Bryant was arrested for assaulting his mother, according to Desoto Police.

• Marshawn Lynch has been with the Seattle Seahawks for six years, and  recently accepted a $31 million dollar contract for more years of play. On Saturday July 14th, he was arrested for DWI. Lynch had also been arrested when he was a Buffalo Bill. In 2009, he violated personal policy on the field and then pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge. In 2008, he hit a policeman with his car and took off, and his driver’s license was revoked.

Remember, your first round pick is useless if they’re behind bars all season. NFL have access to top tier legal representation, but you do not have to be a famous football player to get professional and experienced legal help. If you have been arrested, contact an experienced criminal attorney to defend your position.

Players You May Not Want to Draft For Fantasy Football This Year