Penalties for abusing prescription drugs in Florida

Penalties for abusing prescription drugs in Florida

Because of the addictive effects of some drugs, they are strictly prohibited in all states, including Florida. Individuals need to understand that each drug is viewed and treated differently in court and the severity of drug charges depends on the kind of drug and amount confiscated. Some drug charges fall into a misdemeanor category while others are felony or federal offenses. In this blog post, readers will learn more about prescription drugs and how possession of prescription drugs may lead to a drug charge.

Prescription drugs, as the name implies, refer to drugs that are prescribed by doctors to specific individuals with serious medical conditions. Some of the most common prescription drugs are morphine, oxycodone and hydrocodone. These drugs can become addictive and be abused by users, which is why they are prescribed in small amounts.

Carrying prescription drugs can become a drug offense such as drug trafficking if the drugs were not prescribed to the accused or if the person has intentions of selling or distributing the drugs to other people. Carrying more than four grams of prescription drugs is enough for authorities to charge a person with a criminal offense.

Drug trafficking of pain pills, for example, is a first degree felony. Carrying four to 14 grams of pain pills is punishable by $50,000 fine and three years of jail time. A person possessing 14 to 20 grams of same drugs may face 15 years of jail time and $100,000 fine. Carrying more than 28 grams of pain pills can lead to 25 years of jail time and $500,000 fine.

Trafficking of prescription drug is a serious offense. A person facing such charges should review legal options such as establishing a strong criminal defense. Various alibis can be used in making a solid argument during trial.

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Penalties for abusing prescription drugs in Florida