Parramore Residents Push For More Cameras to Deter Crime

Parramore Residents Push For More Cameras to Deter Crime

Parramore Residents Push For More Cameras to Deter Crime

A neighborhood led drive is happening to prevent crime in one of Orlando’s local neighborhoods that is inundated with crime. More than a few hundred of the inhabitants of Parramore have put their signature on a petition requesting police to place additional cameras on the roads where they live because they trust that where there is more surveillance there is less crime.

“It is recognized that the populace wants them, the churches want it and the companies want them,” Harvest Church Pastor Glendy Hamilton assertively declared.

A representative with the Orlando Police Department said that neighborhood in Parramore already possess 36 IRIS surveillance units.

Though, when Channel 13 News perused the chart of current IRIS surveillance units, almost half of the units were situated in business regions close to the administration edifices like the Orlando Police Department, the federal courthouse or the Amway Center.

Inhabitants of the area informed Channel 13 News that the surveillance units are operating in those neighborhoods, but residents said that the people that are committing the crime are establishing their bases in their area away from the surveillance units.

“I once was a drug abuser and the places that I frequented are now very calm, due to surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. The presence of the cameras drove the drug dealers out, the prostitutes out and drug abusers,” said a Parramore petitioner, Robert Woodyard.

According to the petition, the residents of the area are requesting 30 new surveillance units in Parramore.

If the city council of Orlando endorses the suggestion, it would indicate that more than 60 surveillance units are at work, surveying the area.

But, the surveillance equipment is not economical. According to the police department each one of the cameras can run between seven thousand and fourteen thousand dollars. The inhabitants of Parramore think that the money spent is well worth it.

Directors of the petition signing will meet with the city council of Orlando on Monday afternoon along with 600 signatures on the petition. The have high hopes that private citizens and city government will bear the cost of the cameras.

Parramore Residents Push For More Cameras to Deter Crime