Orlando Police Department Arrests More than 50 Alleged Drug Dealers 

Orlando Police Department Arrests More than 50 Alleged Drug Dealers 

Orlando Police Department Arrests More than 50 Alleged Drug Dealers 

Orlando Police Department Arrests More than 50 Alleged Drug Dealers 

In June, the Orlando police department arrested 53 fentanyl dealers after a 9-month investigation that officers dubbed “Operation Good Call.” Nine of the arrests were linked to fentanyl overdose deaths, while police arrested eight others after allegedly selling fentanyl to an individual who was later saved with Narcan. The remaining 36 arrests came from information from confidential informants and community members. Of the arrests, two of the drug dealers have been indicted on a first-degree murder charge. 

Drug charges are severe accusations in Florida, and you will need an Orlano drug crimes defense attorney on your side to protect your rights. The defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm can provide robust legal representation and protect your rights throughout criminal proceedings. 

Types of Drug Offenses We Handle in Central Florida 

At The Umansky Law Firm, we handle all types of drug offenses including, drug possession with intent to sell and drug trafficking. Our firm also has the skill necessary to handle drug-induced homicide charges. All of these crimes are severe and carry harsh penalties. However, an attorney might negotiate with the prosecution to lower penalties or reduce the charge to a less harsh offense. 

Possession with Intent to Sell 

Possessing an illegal substance, such as fentanyl, is already a severe crime in Florida. However, the stakes might be even higher if the prosecution can prove you intended to sell the drugs. If you are facing possession with intent to sell charges, the prosecutor may be able to prove your intent through possession of: 

  • Packaging materials 
  • Scales
  • Large quantities of drugs 
  • Large quantities of cash 

The critical issue with this charge is whether the state can prove you intend to sell the drugs. Simply possessing a scale or other drug paraphernalia does not necessarily mean you had plans to sell drugs. If your attorney can prove that you did not intend to sell the drugs, a judge may lessen your charges or dismiss the case. 

Drug Trafficking 

Drug trafficking is the intentional sale, purchase, delivery, possession, or transportation of a certain amount of drugs at or above the trafficking limit. The type of offense varies depending on the substance, the amount, associated activities, and prior criminal convictions. Trafficking of any kind carries a mandatory prison sentence that may range from three to 25 years, with fines ranging between $50,000 and $500,000. 

Defenses to Drug Crime Charges in Florida

When handling a drug crimes case, one of the first things we do is analyze the police report. The report will help your attorney see how the police approached you, seized the drugs, and collected evidence. We may find that officers used an invalid warrant, an illegal recording device, or lacked evidence to connect you to an illegal substance through our investigation. Other defenses may include: 

  • Illegal search and seizure: Police officers cannot perform a search or issue a warrant without probable cause. Additionally, they cannot execute a warrant without a judge’s approval. 
  • Insufficient evidence: If there is a lack of evidence to support a conviction or police officers obtained the evidence illegally, we might be able to have a court dismiss or reduce the charges. 
  • Lack of knowledge: We might be able to argue that you did not know the substance found near you was illegal. 

Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may also be able to use the entrapment defense. It is illegal for police officers to induce a person to commit a crime that they would have been unlikely or unwilling to commit otherwise.

Contact an Orlando Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Today 

If police arrested you for a drug crime in Orlando, do not hesitate to contact The Umansky Law Firm. As former state prosecutors and public defenders at the state and local levels, our criminal defense attorneys have the skill and experience to defend these cases. We know the ins and outs of drug crimes and serve to protect our clients. To schedule a free consultation, call our office or complete our contact form

Orlando Police Department Arrests More than 50 Alleged Drug Dealers