Orlando Disney Bus Collides with Tractor Trailer Leaving Five Injured

Orlando Disney Bus Collides with Tractor Trailer Leaving Five Injured

An early morning crash on February 14 left five injured after a Walt Disney World bus collided with a semi truck on Boggy Creek Road in Orlando. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the five who were injured in the crash were transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. The bus driver was among the people injured in the auto accident.

Records show that this particular Disney bus, called Disney’s Magical Express bus, transports resort guests to and from the airport. While the cause of this morning’s bus crash is unknown at this time, this isn’t the first accident involving a Disney bus. Two separate Disney bus accidents killed two people last year.

In December, a 59-year-old Walt Disney World resort visitor was killed when he stepped in front of a bus that had the right-of-way, according to the FHP report. A young boy was also killed last April when a Disney bus hit and killed the boy while he was bicycling at the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort campground.

Bus accidents can cause serious injuries to the victims. Most buses don’t provide seat belts to passengers. As a result, passengers may be violently propelled forward in the event of a rear-end or front-end collision. Common injuries after a bus accident include brain injuries, fractures, whiplash and spinal cord injuries. A side impact bus accident may also eject passengers on the bus.

Pedestrians or bicyclists who are struck by buses in Florida are likely to experience catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis from a spinal cord injury or a serious brain injury. The comparative size of a bus to a pedestrian or bicyclist often leads to life-threatening and fatal injuries.

If a bus driver, whether the driver was driving a city bus, a resort bus or an airport bus, acted negligently, causing serious or fatal injuries, a personal injury attorney will be able to assist in sorting out the details of the crash. When a bus driver or bus company is at-fault for the injuries caused, they should be held responsible.

Orlando Disney Bus Collides with Tractor Trailer Leaving Five Injured