Operation Southern Shield in Effect in Florida

Operation Southern Shield in Effect in Florida

Operation Southern Shield in Effect in Florida


There is no shortage of aggressive drivers on Florida’s highways. Driving almost anywhere in this state can be a frustrating experience; unfortunately, venting through dangerous driving habits puts everyone at risk. Speeding is a factor in a significant portion of fatal accidents, which is why Operation Southern Shield is in town to patrol Orlando drivers.

From July 16th through July 22nd, Operation Southern Shield will be gracing the South with its presence, including stationing police officers in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. Officers will watch for speeding drivers to pull them over and issue tickets. The operation spans several states including Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Those who speed can receive steep fines and points against their driver’s licenses. The operation aims to reduce speeding to save lives as speeding was a risk factor in nearly a third of deadly crashes in 2016. In Florida, speeding and aggressive driving contributed to 383 deaths that year.

This is the program’s second anniversary and officers claim that it reduces the number of crashes. In 2017, officers issued thousands of tickets.

Seeking Justice for a Speeding Ticket in Orlando

To avoid the consequences of a speeding ticket, drivers must follow the rules of the road, including obeying speed limits. Sometimes, however, officers do make mistakes when flagging a driver for a traffic offense such as speeding. Those who believe that they were wrongfully targeted by the police for speeding, aggressive driving, or another traffic offense can work with a traffic ticket lawyer to fight the ticket.

Why fight a traffic ticket?

Many drivers are unsure about their legal rights when they receive a traffic ticket. A majority of drivers simply pay the fine on the ticket to resolve the citation as quickly as possible. They are usually unaware that paying the fine doesn’t clear them of wrongdoing. On the contrary, paying the fine is an admission of guilt. When you pay the fine, you also get points on your license that can have long-term consequences. The more points you accumulate, the closer you get to having your license suspended.

If you have received a citation for speeding in Orlando, you have the right to protect your interests. At The Umansky Law Firm, our traffic ticket attorneys can appear on your behalf at the hearing and challenge the police officer who wrote the ticket to prove the infraction beyond a reasonable doubt. We can also reduce the impact a ticket can have on your driving record.

Call our office to discuss your ticket for free or email us for more information about traffic ticket defense in Orlando.

Operation Southern Shield in Effect in Florida