Not All Criminal Arrests Go Down This Way

Not All Criminal Arrests Go Down This Way

(Picture from Volusia County Sheriff’s Department)


Kelsey Smith knows all about blood, spit, toil, and tears. Who is Kelsey Smith? Kelsey Smith is and shall forever be the stuff of DUI legend, and not in a good way.

There are many opinions and ideas about the best way to conduct one’s self if you have been drinking and are pulled over by a cop. One commonly held thought is that you should NOT resist arrest, continue resisting arrest after being tased, spit blood on a cops face, and stick out your tongue as your mug shot is taken. Yes, that’s held to be a bad idea by everyone except Kelsey Smith.

Police found Smith parked at an intersection. One of the officers at the scene immediately smelled alcohol. Smith’s eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred.

Smith then refused to participate in sobriety tests. He was subsequently removed from the vehicle, tased, and proceeded to be difficult.

Smith’s unwillingness to cooperate with police lead an officer at the scene to use a taser in attempt to subdue him. Smith’s was first tased in his leg and the cops say that it didn’t phase him. Smith responded a little more when he was tased in the back, giving cops a chance to handcuff the gentlemen. He was then handcuffed against the side of the police vehicle. That’s when he decided to slam his head against the roof of the cop car and spat blood at the police.  For more information one can read the Orlando Sentinel.

Not All Criminal Arrests Go Down This Way