New Laws Proposed for Bicyclists and Skateboarders in Orlando, Florida

New Laws Proposed for Bicyclists and Skateboarders in Orlando, Florida

New Laws Proposed for Bicyclists and Skateboarders in Orlando, Florida

In the state of Florida, road rules don’t just pertain to cars and other motor vehicles. Bicyclists and skateboarders are also required to follow the laws when they’re on the street. In Orlando, in particular, it’s illegal to ride a bicycle or skateboard on public sidewalks. However, the City Council is considering making a change to the laws.

In September, the Council voted to rewrite the local traffic laws concerning bikes and skateboards. Generally, the ordinance opens up Orlando’s sidewalks to different types of transport, specifically bicycles and skateboards, citing these as better transportation options because of their health and environmental benefits.

Laws for Skaters in Florida

It’s important to note that the ordinance regarding skateboarding only encourages them to be used as transportation. It is still illegal to perform tricks in the middle of the sidewalk; however, skaters that want to use their board to get around can do so, as long as they give pedestrians the right of way and ride responsibly.

Additionally, the ordinance would limit the speed of motorized skateboards to 15 miles per hour. Individuals under 16 years old riding skateboards are required to wear a protective helmet that is properly fitted and secured on their head by a strap. Anyone who does not abide by the rules could potentially receive a fine.

Expanding Bicycle Sharing Opportunities

The change to the road rules in Orlando would also create new rules for bike sharing companies as well. Currently, according to the News 13 channel, only one bike sharing company is allowed to conduct business within the city. However, there may be new options for individuals who want to use bikes through bike sharing companies. These companies would rent bicycles to people, usually through a smartphone app, so that they can ride them for a short amount of time during the day. With the current laws, companies are required to provide bike docks for rental bikes.

Overall, the Orlando City Council was set to meet again later in the year to determine whether the ordinance would pass. If the new rules go into effect, it would greatly benefit anyone who enjoys riding bicycles and skateboards. At the same time, people who rely on these modes of transportation would have to be extra responsible. Safe use of bikes and skateboards is required, and all riders must stay considerate of pedestrians.

Orlando Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, accidents involving pedestrians, bikers, and skateboarders do happen on a regular basis, although these new law changes attempt to reduce the harm done. If you are involved in this type of accident, it’s important to speak with an experienced Orlando personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to reach a just resolution. The Umansky Law Firm can help. Contact our personal injury lawyers today by calling our office for a free case evaluation.

New Laws Proposed for Bicyclists and Skateboarders in Orlando, Florida