My Husband Got Arrested During the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Can I Do?

My Husband Got Arrested During the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Can I Do?

My Husband Got Arrested During the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Can I Do?

Your husband just got arrested during the Coronavirus pandemic. You might be feeling anxious, scared, and worried about what to do next. The last thing most wives would want during this uncertain time is to have her husband in jail. You may not want your family to lose the breadwinner. Millions of Americans are getting laid off, furloughed, and businesses are closing at alarming rates. Now, during this Coronavirus pandemic, it may be the worst time for your husband to go to jail or prison.

Are People Getting Arrested During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

The reality is that fewer and fewer people are getting arrested nowadays in large part due to the quarantines, curfews, and most places where a man would get in trouble are closed. Law enforcement has a different priority right now, and that is to continue upholding the rule of law during this chaotic time. Hence police officers are more willing to let small things go. So, if your husband got arrested, the chances are that he is being accused of something more serious.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that public defenders handle as many as 590 felony cases in one year. But the American Bar Association recommends that defense attorneys handle no more than 150 felony cases in one year. The consequences of not getting an experienced attorney with adequate time to prepare, negotiate, and fight for your husband can be dire. Getting convicted as a felon can affect not only his freedom but also the family’s earning potential and civil rights. A conviction can limit your options to live in the places where you want to raise your children. If your husband has a criminal conviction, he may face enhanced charges and increased prison or jail sentences.

We represented the alleged victim as victim advocate to help her drop charges. We filed declination of prosecution and charges were dropped the next day:

  • Case Number: State v. 2020-MM-000722
  • County: Osceola
  • Judge: Hal Epperson
  • Date: April 7, 2020

How Can a Private Attorney Help Your Husband Now?

Thus, now more than ever, you need to hire a reputable criminal defense firm. What can a private lawyer do to help your husband and your family after an arrest during this pandemic?

  • Negotiate a reasonable bond with the court and prosecutor to get your husband out of jail.
  • Your husband may be able to keep his job because he does not have to take time off to go to court.
  • Private lawyers have more time to negotiate with the prosecutors now that jury trials and jury selections have been suspended by the Florida Supreme Court until May 31, 2020.
  • A lawyer has more time to spend per case now, as the Coronavirus has resulted in fewer arrests.
  • Hiring an experienced defense lawyer early in the process increases your husband’s chances to get the charges dismissed, the possibility to get into a pre-trial diversion program or a withhold of adjudication to prevent a felony conviction on his record.
  • Decrease the chances of your husband spending time in jail or prison. Jail and prisons are “Hotbeds” for Coronavirus infections and are no place for your husband to be.
  • A defense attorney can help your husband navigate the criminal justice system.

Many businesses are struggling during this economic downturn. Law firms are not immune to the ebb and flow of the market, especially during this challenging economic downturn in Central Florida. The virus has paralyzed our economy. Theme parks like Disney and Universal have closed for more than a few days for the first time in U.S. history. Law firms that do not have the required resources in reserve could potentially go out of business.

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My Husband Got Arrested During the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Can I Do?