Man accuses film director and movie executives of sex crimes

Man accuses film director and movie executives of sex crimes

Sexually-related criminal accusations can severely tarnish the reputation of an Orlando, Florida, resident. Apparently, even the most influential people from Hollywood are not immune to the negative implications of sex crimes allegations.

Bryan Singer, director of the classic film “The Usual Suspects” and the “X-Men” movies, was accused of raping a would-be child actor nearly two decades ago. Recently, three other film executives were sued by the now 31-year-old plaintiff. The three executives, together with the director, were allegedly part of a sex ring that led to the sexual abuse of the accuser when he was a teenager during the 1990s.

The accuser stated that the alleged abuse began years ago when he attended social functions at the homes of Hollywood insiders. He claimed that on two separate occasions, he was taken out of state by people who organized the house parties. Besides being abused by the party hosts, he stated that Singer also molested him, gave him alcohol and drugs and promised him movie roles.

The director’s legal counsel blasted the accusations. The attorney stated that Singer had phone records, credit card receipts and other substantial evidence showing that he was not with the plaintiff when the alleged abuse happened. The plaintiff is seeking more than $75,000 for every criminal accusation filed against Singer.

When faced with sex crime allegations, it is more than just fighting possible criminal penalties such as expensive fines and jail time. It is also fighting to clear one’s name and reputation. An Orlando, Florida, resident facing charges needs a strategy provided by an experienced legal professional to help clear his or her reputation. A criminal defense lawyer can scrutinize evidence presented against a suspect and make a credible and aggressive defense on behalf of an accused.

Source: ABC Local, “Bryan Singer accuser sues 3 entertainment executives for sexual abuse,” April 21, 2014

Man accuses film director and movie executives of sex crimes