Little Girl Run Over by Car on Beach in Central Florida

Little Girl Run Over by Car on Beach in Central Florida

A child was run over by a car and killed on Daytona Beach on March 20, 2010.

The victim was a 4-year-old girl visiting from Nottingham, England. Police said 66-year-old tourist was driving a 2004 Lincoln Towncar that hit and killed the girl. The woman’s car was traveling in the travel lanes on the beach under the posted speed limit of 10 mph.

The child and her uncle were walking hand-in-hand, police said, when the girl walked out in front of the Towncar and was hit.

Bystanders yelled for the driver to stop her car, and she did as the 4-year-old lay in front of her car. For an unknown reason, police said, the driver panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brake, running over the girl.

The child was pronounced dead at the scene.

The last time someone was run over on Daytona Beach was in 2006. A sunbather was seriously injured on July 4 when a beach patrol officer ran her over. The woman suffered injuries from her shoulders to her stomach, but she survived. The officer was found to be at fault and was ticketed.

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Please remember that sunbathing at Daytona Beach can be a risky business. Always watch your child and make sure they are never in the travel lanes at the beach. Daytona is one of the few places that allows beach driving and it can be very stressful to a family on vacation with little ones as car pedestrian accidents can be fatal!  If you or a loved one is victimized by a motor vehicle, contact one of our experienced Orlando Personal Injury attorneys at the Umansky Law Firm today.

Little Girl Run Over by Car on Beach in Central Florida