3 Identity Theft Risks During the Holidays

3 Identity Theft Risks During the Holidays

3 Identity Theft Risks During the Holidays

The last thing anyone wants to deal with or worry about during the holidays is identity theft. Going through identity theft is an overwhelmingly complex situation that can cause a lot of stress and worry. While it’s unfortunate that time needs to be taken out of the day to protect against identity theft, it is necessary and beneficial to plan before participating in Christmas shopping.

3 Identity Theft Risks to Watch Out For

During the holiday season, people want to focus on their families and holiday cheer. Unfortunately, some individuals use these busy and distracting times to take advantage of people. To protect yourself, watch out for these three common identity theft risks during the holidays.

1. Unsecure Networks and Devices

Shopping centers, airports, and other public spaces now offer free Wi-Fi. While their free Wi-Fi is convenient and makes the internet more accessible, connecting to public Wi-Fi has risks. It’s easier for scammers to access your information, including your bank information, on these networks.

2. Gift Card Scams

Instead of going after your card information, some scammers go for gift cards because they are less protected. Gift cards don’t have the protection of bank systems or the security of bank accounts. The money in a gift card is vulnerable. Purchasing with a gift card is risky because the vendor doesn’t need to hold up its end of the deal. A red flag to keep in mind when making a purchase with a gift card is if the retailer only accepts gift cards from other retailers.

3. Sketchy Websites and Emails

While sketchy websites and emails have appealing deals and promise the lowest prices, it’s not worth the risk of identity theft. These sites are designed to grab the attention of those who receive them. Even clicking on it for a second can put your information at risk. If the email or website does not look credible, avoid clicking on it to protect yourself. Be careful where you click and use different login credentials for different websites to make it harder for scammers. A good tip is to stick to websites with “https” in front of the URL. It means the website is secure.

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The holidays are about spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately, the holidays can bring a spike in crime. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, it can be hard to know what to do next. The holiday season can make it even more emotional and confusing. At Umansky Law Firm, we work with everyday people facing challenging situations and understand that everyone deserves a second chance. We take a client-centered approach and remain in contact with our clients throughout every stage of the judicial process. Our legal team is dedicated to providing trusted counsel, personalized strategies, and aggressive trial tactics allowing us to make the ultimate difference in our clients’ lives.

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3 Identity Theft Risks During the Holidays