Half Taxi, Half Cop Car Impact on DUI

Half Taxi, Half Cop Car Impact on DUI

The Polk County Chapter of MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, unveiled Friday, June 8th a part of the “Choose Your Ride” public awareness campaign, which is geared towards highlighting the high cost of DUIs in Florida. Like other campaigns that have a very similar tactic around the country, the cars will be parked in busy entertainment areas. It offers a clear illustration of the choices involved when someone has had too much to drink and wants to drive.

The Cost Of Taking A Cab Vs. Getting A DUI

A 2004 Crown Victoria was used by Winter Haven Police. It was renovated into a half black & white Police Cruiser and half Yellow Taxi in hopes that people will see the cruiser/taxi at $20 and think twice before drinking and driving. To demonstrate this choice even more drastically, so it conveys the impact they were hoping for, the costs for a first time DUI offender are itemized right on the hood and it totals approximately $7600. Hopefully, with this demonstration it will be obvious for people seeing the impact of their drunk driving decision.

Make The Right Decision

Driving your vehicle down the street, even a few blocks to your home, you have inadvertently opened yourself up to a DUI. The costs on the Police Cruiser only represent the minimum that you would be responsible for when arrested for driving while impaired. The message that MADD Mothers and the officers from Winter Haven would want you to take is to make the right choice, possibly save your life and someone else’s, and make the obvious choice of the Yellow Taxicab half at $20.

The ceremony was held at the Winter Park Police Department and was attended by community leaders, city officials, representatives of the Police Department and MADD. This is a welcome addition to the campaign highlighting the high cost of a DUI in central Florida and in these times of economic stress, with the taxicab making a push to be the overall cheaper option.

Let Umansky’s Experienced DUI Attorneys Help

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Half Taxi, Half Cop Car Impact on DUI