How Casey Anthony Ultimately Faced Probation in Florida

How Casey Anthony Ultimately Faced Probation in Florida

Probation in Florida is a Serious Matter!

When the courts place a convicted offender on probation in Florida, it can have extensive consequences for that individual, not only during the probation term but for years to follow. Just some of the penalties for violating probation can include paying court fees, working at community service hours, completing substance abuse treatment or any other counseling directed by the court, taking drug tests, abiding by curfew or residential restrictions, wearing an ankle bracelet and spending time in jail. In addition, after the offender’s release from probation, he will have a criminal record which can stay with him for years. This can affect his ability to find gainful employment, secure loans or insurance and even find the housing he wants.

If the probationer is arrested and convicted of probation violation, or worse yet, a new crime while on probation, he or she will probably spend time in custody while waiting for the probation violation hearing. The probationer may receive enhanced probation terms or even a prison sentence.

One such person in the public eye in 2011, Casey Anthony, provides a real-life example of what can happen to a person placed on supervised probation. Ms. Anthony received one year of probation for committing check fraud. She had to report to her Orange County probation officer and, like all probationers, faced possible probation violation if she did not follow her probation terms to the letter.

Her case included 13 counts on a variety of charges such as theft, check fraud and identity theft, and the courts eventually found her guilty of six felony counts. Not only was the number of charges confusing, but the courts needed to clarify the matter of receiving credit for probation time while she was in jail awaiting trial for her daughter, Caylee Marie’s death. In addition, she was also convicted of lying to law enforcement personnel.

While Anthony’s criminal defense attorney insisted that she served her probation time while in custody, probation personnel indicated that officials of their agency contacted her several times while she was in jail. The judge eventually needed to intervene to clarify court records.

As the Anthony case so clearly demonstrates, Central Florida probation is a serious matter. A person charged with a crime needs a strong Orlando probation attorney to defend his case. Offenders need to follow Orange County probation terms closely or risk a Florida probation violation. An lawyer will fight for your rights, and our experienced Florida lawyers will represent your probation case through this maze of the criminal justice system. If you were arrested for a Seminole county probation, Orange County probation, or Osceola county probation violation, give our lawyer a call our office.

How Casey Anthony Ultimately Faced Probation in Florida