“Home Improvement” Actor Arrested After Accusations of Strangling Girlfriend

“Home Improvement” Actor Arrested After Accusations of Strangling Girlfriend

On average, almost 20 people are abused by an intimate partner every minute in the United States. This staggering statistic affects both women and men and is an unfortunate abundance in today’s society. Unfortunately, for the girlfriend of Home Improvement Star, Zachery Ty Bryan, the issue of domestic abuse and battery became all too real when Bryan allegedly strangled her. 

Home Improvement Star Arrested After Allegations of Battery and Strangulation

If you are not a Home Improvement fan, you may not be sure of who Zachery Ty Bryan is. Bryan played the oldest son on the long-running 1990s sitcom. However, the actor is not in the news for his acting skills but something much darker. 

Police were called to the apartment of Zachery Ty Bryan and his 27-year-old girlfriend on September 3, 2021.  When police arrived, they found Bryan sitting outside the apartment and his girlfriend at a neighbor’s apartment. Bryan allegedly assaulted the victim, strangled her, and took her phone from her when she attempted to dial 911. The victim declined medical assistance, but Bryan was still booked into Lane County Jail early Saturday morning. 

What is Domestic Battery By Strangulation?

A person who has been accused of strangling a domestic partner will likely be charged with battery by strangulation. Domestic battery by strangulation is described as an attack that occurs when another person knowingly or intentionally obstructs the normal breathing or circulation of the victim against their will. This offense is considered a third-degree felony by Florida law and may bring severe consequences for an accused person. Some important details to be aware of if you have been charged with domestic battery by strangulation include:

  • This crime is punishable by up to five years in prison.
  • If you choose a no-contest plea or a plea of guilty, you will never be able to have this crime sealed, and it will remain on your record forever.

If you have been accused of domestic battery by strangulation, you may want to partner with an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you build a strong claim. 

What Should You Do After Being Accused of Domestic Violence?

Being accused of domestic violence of any type may be detrimental to a person’s life, relationships and may follow them as they try to get jobs. If you believe you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, the following tips may help build your claim of innocence:

  • Avoid speaking with your accuser 
  • Follow any orders given by a judge to stay away from your accuser or to maintain a peaceful demeanor with them
  • Maintain current employment
  • Reach out to character witnesses

A criminal defense attorney may be able to help you collect any evidence that may be helpful to your claim as you fight for your justice. 

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorneys Are on Your Side

Being accused of domestic violence may have damaging impacts on a person’s life. If you believe you were wrongfully accused of domestic violence, you may want to partner with a criminal defense attorney. 

The Umansky Law Firm is a criminal defense firm with experience helping individuals who have been accused of domestic violence in Orlando, Florida. Our award-winning team is proud to offer our clients the dedicated and personalized care they deserve. Schedule a free case review here or call our office.

“Home Improvement” Actor Arrested After Accusations of Strangling Girlfriend