High school teacher battles numerous sex crimes allegations

High school teacher battles numerous sex crimes allegations

A Florida resident’s professional and personal life can take a turn for the worse if they are charged with a sex crime, because these types of crimes are sensitive matters. Many times, suspects are unnecessarily judged by their peers and the community even before a case goes to court. Sometimes however, immediately seeking a legal solution to the dilemma can help suspects clear their name.

A high school teacher in Florida is facing several sex crime charges after he allegedly exhibited lewd conduct with teenage girls. Last March, the teacher was apprehended and charged with seven counts of lascivious conduct. On April 25, he was charged with six other similar charges.

Reportedly, the 68-year-old man who has worked as a language arts instructor for the last five years took at least six female students to sporting events, dinners and the mall. He even allegedly gave them cash. One teenage student stated that the teacher supposedly said that he expected sex for his efforts. He also allegedly touched the girls inappropriately and offered them sex advice. Students reported the man’s conduct to the resource deputy of the school. Eventually, officers questioned the man and the teacher was reassigned to the administrative office of the school. The teacher is currently detained in jail with a $600,000 bail.

Besides employment difficulties and the damage to one’s reputation, sex crime allegations can also cause severe stress for a suspect’s family. Close personal relationships can be strained due to the severity of these allegations. If convicted, a person will probably pay an expensive fine and will probably spend time in prison. However, the consequences do not end there. Even after serving the penalty, the individual will be required to register as a sex offender.

Any Florida resident facing charges of sex crimes, especially if they are false allegations, should not go through such legal troubles without proper representation. An aggressive defense can sometimes help reduce the severity of these charges.

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High school teacher battles numerous sex crimes allegations