Helping teens facing possession charges through difficult times

Helping teens facing possession charges through difficult times

One of the inescapable realities of parenthood is that there will come a time when your child makes a mistake that seems completely out of character and which catches you completely off guard. For example, maybe they broke their curfew, earned a poor grade in one of their classes or were issued a speeding ticket.

These are all relatively trivial missteps, but there are times when these lapses in judgment can be decidedly more serious. Indeed, what if your child is arrested and charged with possession of illegal narcotics?

While it’s understandable for you to experience everything from shock and anger to disappointment and anxiety after learning the bad news, it’s also important not to let your emotions get the best of you.

After all, there’s a good chance your child will already be sufficiently frightened and regretful about everything that has transpired.

Furthermore, the good news is that there’s a very good chance that if your child is a first-time offender and the amount of drugs involved is not excessively large that the matter will be handled in juvenile court as opposed to adult court.

What this means is that the possible punishments include fines and community service. More importantly, your child may be eligible for Drug Court or Teen Court, which allow the charges to be dropped upon successful completion of the program.

What all of this serves to underscore is that while an arrest for juvenile drug possession must be taken seriously, it is also does not mean that your child’s academic or employment prospects have been entirely compromised.

At the Umansky Law Firm, we have extensive experience in these matters and, no matter the circumstances, will always fight to protect the rights, the freedom, the reputation and the future of young people facing drug possession charges.

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Helping teens facing possession charges through difficult times