The Umansky Law Firm Secures an Acquittal in a Florida Sexual Assault Case

The Umansky Law Firm Secures an Acquittal in a Florida Sexual Assault Case

RELEASED: August 9, 2013


In capital crimes, the stakes are very high. With such serious accusations, one’s future could be in serious jeopardy. If charges are not properly addressed, one could remain in prison for a crime that he or she did not commit. For this reason, it is imperative to retain strong legal advocacy when confronting such egregious charges. It takes a veteran attorney to withstand the immense pressure of the criminal justice system.

For example, Gary Schwartz with the Umansky Law Firm represented a man accused of giving his 11-year-old sister-in-law alcohol. The prosecution alleged that the man raped the child while his wife was at work and his son was in an adjoining room. All odds appeared to be against Schwartz’ client, who was charged with capital sexual battery on a child under age 12. This sentence carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

However, this particular client continued to assert his innocence. Yet, the prosecution offered the client a deal: eight years in prison followed by eight years of probation and mandatory registration as a sex offender. For some, this could be a great compromise and safe choice. Yet, Schwartz and his client were not fazed by the tempting offer. The client maintained his innocence time and again, and he steadfastly demanded a trial.

After three days in litigation, in which the attorney was forced to cross-examine an emotional young girl, the client was acquitted of the charges against him. Without Schwartz’ stellar advocacy, the disposition of the defendant’s future could have been different.

About Umansky Law Firm

The legal team at Umansky Law Firm consists of former prosecutors. The team’s professionals have tried hundreds of matters in Florida courtrooms. Because they have been on “the other side,” the lawyers can provide diligent and honest case evaluation for each and every client. The dynamic group works collaboratively to formulate strong defense strategies. Their goal is to create positive outcomes for their clients.

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The Umansky Law Firm Secures an Acquittal in a Florida Sexual Assault Case