Florida woman in three-vehicle crash suspected of drunk driving

Florida woman in three-vehicle crash suspected of drunk driving

Criminal charges involving drinking and driving can result in severe consequences for an Orlando, Florida, resident. The person faces the possibility of paying an expensive fine, a jail term and a driver’s license suspension. There is also the chance of being ordered to install an ignition interlock device. More than this, the consequences to the person’s personal and professional life may be the most troubling of all.

An Ocala woman is facing such troubles after being charged with driving under the influence and allegedly causing a multi-vehicle accident. Reportedly, in the early evening, the 53-year-old woman was driving her car in the eastbound lane of County Road 475B. She supposedly failed to slow down while approaching an intersection and rear-ended a vehicle that was stopped. The vehicle, driven by a 23-year-old woman, also from Ocala, was pushed into the intersection where its driver’s side was struck by a pickup truck. The vehicle subsequently settled in the intersection’s shoulder.

The 53-year-old woman was taken to a trauma center for treatment. She was eventually discharged. The driver of the other vehicle, its three passengers and the pickup truck driver were transported to the Ocala Regional Medical Trauma Center.

The car driver was charged with drunk driving, including a DUI leading to serious physical injuries and damage to property. The report did not indicate if her blood alcohol content level was above the allowed 0.08 percent limit or if she took a breath test. The 53-year-old woman was taken to Marion County Jail. She posted a $7,000 bond for her release.

Drunk driving charges come with severe consequences. An Orlando, Florida, resident who is facing charges will need someone with significant knowledge of the DUI laws of the state and experience in handling such a case. A criminal defense attorney can protect the rights of the accused and put together the best possible defense to the charges.

Source: The Gainesville Sun, “Three-vehicle crash in Ocala sends 6 to hospital,” Susan Latham Carr, Mar. 23, 2014

Florida woman in three-vehicle crash suspected of drunk driving