Florida legislator in hot water after DUI charge

Florida legislator in hot water after DUI charge

Drunk driving charges come with serious consequences. A DUI charge can result in a hefty fine, suspended driving privileges and possible incarceration. However, the damage of a drunk driving charge goes beyond such penalties. A conviction can tarnish a suspect’s personal and professional reputation. Such a consequence has severe implications for a Florida resident who is on the other side of the law.

30-year-old Dan Eagle, a Florida Representative, was apprehended and eventually charged with drunk driving after he allegedly drove erratically. According to the arresting officer, he witnessed the representative trying to turn left from a fast food parking lot. He came close to crashing into a concrete median. He then proceeded to drive erratically, exceed the speed limit and run a red light. At this point, the officer pulled Eagle over.

The officer said that Eagle denied drinking despite having bloodshot eyes and allegedly smelling of alcohol. The representative reportedly refused to undergo a field sobriety test and a breath test. Eagle released a statement regarding the incident, then related that the officer’s take on the incident did not reflect an accurate and complete picture of the events that transpired. Eagle stated that he would explain his side in the near future.

The representative was elected to the Florida House in 2012. He worked as a real estate broker prior to being a legislator.

Whether a Florida resident is a prominent member of the community or an ordinary citizen, there is no denying the fact the drunk driving charges can cause damage to that person’s reputation. Everything the resident has worked hard to accomplish can be compromised. However, the accused person can challenge the charges with the right criminal defense strategy. With the right help, people may be able to uncover errors in evidence, inconsistencies in testimonies and other inaccuracies in the investigation.

Source: Azcentral, “Florida lawmaker arrested on DUI charges,” April 22, 2014

Florida legislator in hot water after DUI charge