Florida couple faces theft charges

Florida couple faces theft charges

Theft crimes can range from minor criminal offenses such as shoplifting to serious offenses like grand theft and fraud. Taking someone else’s property with the intent to deprive that person of the property is called theft. In Orland, Florida, it is a common knowledge that theft charges depend on the nature of the offense. Some theft offenses fall into misdemeanor category while others are felony offenses. People who are charged with theft need to determine the nature of their offenses so they can build a solid criminal defense.

In Keystone Heights, Florida, a 23-year-old woman and 24-year-old man are facing serious theft charges after they allegedly faked documents to claim a $1 million house. Based on a report, authorities received information about a man who presented forged documents to a real estate agent. The agent told authorities that the house was already sold to another couple. The young couple was charged with forgery and grand theft charges.

Theft charges carry serious penalties. People who are facing similar charges should focus on establishing a strong criminal defense in order to avoid conviction. They may also negotiate with the prosecution for reduced fines and penalties in exchange for a plea deal. Still, fighting the case head-on in court can lead to dismissal if the defense’s argument proves that the defendant was innocent of the crime.

The defense can question the evidence presented in court or they may present their own evidence that they gathered in order to prove their innocence. Defendants should understand that establishing a strong criminal defense does not guarantee that their charges will be dropped.

The outcome of a case depends on how it was handled. Criminal defense attorneys can protect the best interests of anyone accused of a crime.

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Florida couple faces theft charges