Florida Becomes First State to Teach Kids about Trafficking Prevention

Florida Becomes First State to Teach Kids about Trafficking Prevention

Florida Becomes First State to Teach Kids about Trafficking Prevention

Florida has become the first state to require schools to teach K-12 students about child trafficking prevention. The state ranks third in the nation for human trafficking cases. In 2018, there 767 reported cases, nearly 20% of which involved minors. Human trafficking crimes include sex and labor trafficking, where an individual is forced or coerced to work. 

The consequences of human trafficking or a child sex trafficking conviction are high. Those facing these charges should reach out to The Umansky Law Firm. You will require the services of a skilled and experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney to improve the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. 

What Are Human Trafficking Charges in Florida? 

Human trafficking is the illegal transportation of a person from one location to another and forcing them to do labor, domestic servitude, or sexual acts. All human trafficking cases involve coercion, force, and fraud. It is important to note that you do not have to force another to engage in specific acts. You may face human trafficking charges by transporting an individual or soliciting new victims. 

Not everyone facing these charges is even aware they committed a crime. Prosecutors go after marginal players in trafficking operations, like business owners who do not investigate how clients use their services. State prosecutors usually charge these people equally, even though they were unaware of what was happening. In the majority of these cases, these players did not even interact with the victim. 

Child Sex Trafficking 

Child sex trafficking is the recruitment or transportation of a child for exploitation before they turn 18. Federal law implicates anyone who plays a role in and directly benefits from the trade. Similar to human trafficking charges, the level of involvement plays a small role in penalizing offenders. A motel owner who knowingly allows child sex trafficking to occur on the premises is just as guilty as those committing the crime. 

What Are the Penalties for Child Sex Trafficking? 

Human trafficking for sexual activity is a first-degree felony under 18 U.S. Code 1591. The minimum and maximum penalties increase when the victim is a minor. What is originally a 30-year maximum prison sentence for adult victims increases to: 

  • Minimum of 66 months in prison 
  • Up to life in prison 
  • Up to life on probation 
  • Up to $10,000 in fines 

A judge may also issue a sentence of serving time in jail and on probation and issuing hefty fines. 

Associated Criminal Acts with Child Sex Trafficking 

In addition to child sex trafficking charges, federal law prohibits and punishes several acts associated with human trafficking. Such acts include: 

  • Luring or enticing a person go go on a vessel to hold them as a slave
  • Kidnapping or carrying away a person with the intent to hold them as a slave or to sell them 
  • Transporting a person with the intent to sell them
  • Destruction or confiscation of a person’s passport or other documents with the purpose to restrict their travel
  • Profiting from slavery or trafficking others

Skilled Florida Child Sex Trafficking Defense Lawyers 

Those facing child sex trafficking or human trafficking charges in Orlando should contact The Umansky Law Firm. A conviction not only leads to harsh penalties, but it can also damage a person’s reputation for life. In sex trafficking cases, regardless of the victim’s age, an offender may have to register as a sex offender. 

Our attorneys will launch a thorough investigation into the charges and look for the most efficient way to mitigate these charges. To schedule a free consultation, call our office or complete our contact form

Florida Becomes First State to Teach Kids about Trafficking Prevention