First Theft From Largest Orlando Church in 125 Years

First Theft From Largest Orlando Church in 125 Years

For the first time in over a century, someone has stolen the offerings from The First Baptist Church of Orlando, which is the largest church in the city. According to pastors of the church, somewhere between $40,000 to $50,000 in donations was stolen on July 15. The donations were stolen from a drop safe.

Pastor David Uth stated that for someone to think about coming into a church and taking money intended for the Lord’s work, they must be driven by something bad.

According to Uth, when pastors informed the congregation of the church about the robbery, the church fell silent. One of the things Pastor Uth told the congregation was that they should pray for the thief. He received an audible response.

Some individuals, who donated to the church, stated that they have forgiven the thieves already. Danny de Armas, who is the Senior Associate Pastor, said that the thieves could have asked for financial assistance from the church. Pastor de Armas continued, “We give it away, they don’t have to steal it.”

The money taken was intended to help the church’s ministry within the local community, as well as send their missionaries overseas.

Investigators have yet to determine if the robbery was actually an inside job. According to de Armas, whoever took the money was able to get past significant security measures to do so. He stated that it is mind-boggling that they were able to do it, but they did.

The leaders of the church are very concerned because the thieves now have information related to credit card accounts and thousands of checks. The pastors are not aware of any problems with identity theft yet. They continued stating, that anyone who gave by credit card or check to the First Baptist Church of Orlando on Sunday, July 14, should confirm that their contribution has been received.

First Theft From Largest Orlando Church in 125 Years