First-Time DUI In Florida: What Happens To Your License

First-Time DUI In Florida: What Happens To Your License

There are two suspensions that can happen with the DUI. The law says that if you blow over the legal limit which we know is 0.08 then administratively the D.M.V. will suspend your driver’s license for six months. If you refuse the breath test the D.M.V. can administratively suspend your driver’s license for a year. This is something that happens by the D.M.V. that is separate from the criminal case.

In the criminal case, the judge, if you’re convicted or found guilty of a DUI then can add another minimum six months driver’s license suspension to you. It’s not retroactive to the day of your arrest, the D.M.V. administrative suspension starts the day of your arrest. Now you could get a hearing and challenge that suspension, but what’s nice as a first time offender; the law says, if you waive your right to a hearing on that administrative of suspension, go sign-up for the DUI class and we’ll give you a hardship license right away.

So some of our clients who need to drive immediately don’t want to risk not getting that hardship right away and waive the hearing and sign-up for the DUI school in order to get it. First time DUI offenders, as long as you have no other issues with their license, can get the hardship the day after you are released from the jail, as long as you have gone first and sign up for the DUI School. You can go immediately and it will last the whole length of the administrative suspension whether its six months or a year depending on if you took the breath test or you refused.

There are certain restrictions on what you can drive for, what purposes. Typically the reasons you can drive are;

  • To maintain your livelihood; to drive to and from work,
  • To drive for medical reasons,
  • To drive for religious reasons; to church or synagogue,
  • To drive for educational purpose; to school, to classes.


First-Time DUI In Florida: What Happens To Your License