False Report of a Crime

False Report of a Crime

False Report of a Crime


Falsely reporting a crime is one of those offenses that many people don’t see as being serious but has severe legal repercussions. There are numerous ways one can commit this crime. A prime example is when a group of schoolkids decides to pull a “prank” by calling the police on a teacher and saying that she was abusive. Another example is when a store owner calls the police to report a robbery to recoup compensation from their insurance when in all actuality nothing was stolen.

Both instances distract law enforcement from responding to actual crimes which is why offenders are often prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you are facing charges for falsely reporting a crime, speak with a knowledgeable attorney who can discuss your defense options.

The Orlando criminal defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are seasoned criminal defense lawyers with experience representing individuals facing similar charges. While your intentions may not have been to hurt anyone, a criminal conviction can result in jail time and a hefty fine. Bring your case to us and allow our team to start constructing a defense for you.

Penalties for a False Report of a Crime in Florida

Making a false report of a crime is a first-degree misdemeanor in Florida. The penalties for committing this crime are as follows:

  • Up to 1 year in jail; or
  • Up to 1 year of probation; and
  • $1,000 in fines

Those facing charges for falsely reporting a crime should waste little time in securing legal representation. The State knows that people often fail to take these charges seriously and will opt out of legal representation. This often results in individuals being unable to present a suitable defense and being escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs instead of being released to their loved ones. An experienced criminal defense attorney can passionately fight for your freedom by introducing the most relevant legal defense.

Defending Against False Reports of a Crime

The burden of proof is on the State to get a conviction. They must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you willfully provided the information, you knew the information was false, the individual you offered the information to was indeed a police officer, and you were aware that the individual was a police officer. Without being able to prove those four key elements, the State cannot get a conviction.

A perfect example where all four factors aren’t present would be if your child came to you and said that someone stole their cell phone at school. You file a police report with the information provided to you by your son, but it ultimately comes out that your son sold the phone to a classmate. Although you willfully reported the crime to a police officer who was indeed a police officer, you had no way of knowing that the crime never actually happened. Therefore, you cannot be prosecuted for the crime.

Our job as your legal defense team is to present evidence that shows that one or more of the previous elements are false. Effectively doing so can result in all charges being dropped and you being able to walk free. Invest in your future by acquiring legal representation from an Orlando criminal defense attorney at The Umansky Law Firm.

Get Help From an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Our team of attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience. As former prosecutors on the state and local level, we have in-depth knowledge of how the State will attempt to get you to plead guilty or even accept an unfavorable deal. Our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers can apply their insight to help free you of all charges. Contact us today at 407-228-3838 for a free case evaluation.

False Report of a Crime