DUI Attorney Fights for Fair Sentencing

DUI Attorney Fights for Fair Sentencing

Gulfport, Mississippi. After a pre-trial hearing with Circuit Judge Larry Bourgeois, DUI attorney Michael Crosby has stated that he will take the DUI death case to trial to secure a fair sentencing for his client.

Crosby’s client has admitted to the drunk driving related death, and was even willing to enter into a guilty plea, but Crosby was surprised when he learned that the sentence would most likely be 20 -25 years in jail. Crosby stated to the press after the pre-trial hearing that on average, a case of this manner usually requires 1-10 years in prison. Crosby was willing to accept 10-12 on behalf of his client, but he feels the 20-25 year sentence is unconstitutional.

The defendant, Darrell Blappert, Jr., 27, has admitted that he had a few beers before getting in his accident last March. The accident resulted in the death of DeAnna Tucker, 29, who is the daughter of Gulfport, Mississippi’s police chief.

Tucker was with her young son leaving a bridal boutique where she had just approved the bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming wedding when the accident happened.

Blappert was initially going to enter into a guilty plea until his lawyer was informed of the pending sentence. Sentences handed down by the judge on a guilty plea cannot be appealed; therefore Crosby has opted to take this case to trial. Trial is set for March 19, 2012.

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DUI Attorney Fights for Fair Sentencing