Drug bust leads to arrest of minor in Florida

Drug bust leads to arrest of minor in Florida

A reported drug bust in Osceola County resulted in the arrest of a man who has a previous felony conviction, as well as the arrest of a juvenile. The man and teenager may both now face drug charges after the investigation of the incident concludes. However, the man was charged with additional crime relating to other incidents. The teen was turned over to state juvenile authorities while he awaits the conclusion of the investigation.

When someone is arrested for a crime, or being investigated for criminal allegations, speaking with an attorney can help ensure their rights are protected.

Sometimes when juveniles are arrested, they think about short-term consequences of their arrest, and don’t understand their rights regarding talking with authorities. Anything a person says to authorities during an arrest or investigation can be used in court to help convict them.

A conviction of a drug crime or other serious crime as a juvenile can have consequences that can last well into adulthood. Not only might a teenager spend time in juvenile detention centers, but they might be restricted in higher education opportunities because of their criminal record. Not being able to seek higher education can greatly affect what a person does in their career and the path that they want to take in life.

Even if a person isn’t charged immediately after an arrest, a person might be wise to speak with an attorney before speaking with authorities. Police and investigators might word questions to try to get a confession, without a person even realizing.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Pot and gun seized in Osceola drug bust,” Henry Pierson Curtis, Dec. 2, 2013

Drug bust leads to arrest of minor in Florida