Driver faces drug charges after car accident in East Manatee

Driver faces drug charges after car accident in East Manatee

Drug cases are common in Florida. Local law enforcement agencies, state police and federal agencies work hard to prevent the distribution of prohibited drugs into and around the state. Officials use various methods, such as traffic stops to nab individuals who might be trafficking in drugs, or even just using recreational drugs. Sometimes, drug offenders announce themselves to police when their behavior is influenced by drug use.

In East Manatee recently, a driver was arrested on drug charges after he crashed into a van parked alongside the road, seriously injuring two men. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the 46-year-old driver was traveling west on State Road 70 when he rear-ended a parked van, which was being hooked up to a tow truck. The van struck two men standing outside the two vehicles. The driver was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence with serious bodily injury and careless driving.

The accused in this case has the right to remain silent, and wait for a legal advocate to be with him during any police interrogation. He is also presumed innocent until and unless prosecutors can prove any charges made against him.

Drug-related cases can be complicated, and a defendant will have a better chance of getting charges dismissed or reduced, if he or she has the help of an experienced professional. A defendant should inform a legal advocate about the details of the case, including how he or she was arrested. Doing so will allow an attorney to determine whether the defendant’s rights were violated at any time by arresting officers.

An experienced legal professional will be able to formulate the right strategy for the case, whether that means negotiating with prosecutors for reduced or dismissed charges or fighting the case in court. The key is beginning the process early, and contacting your attorney immediately.

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Driver faces drug charges after car accident in East Manatee