Do I Need to Worry About Record History When I Was a Minor?

Do I Need to Worry About Record History When I Was a Minor?

Do I Need to Worry About Record History When I Was a Minor?

What do minors commonly get in trouble for?

Youth tend to be arrested for crimes of theft, possession of narcotics, assault, disturbing the peace by disorderly behavior, violation of curfew and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving. The challenge of handling a youth’s civil violations must be met by good legal representation, such as that can be obtained from a good central Florida juvenile defense attorney. Cases are researched and representation is offered at a fare rate with the young adult often being able to get a much better outcome, depending on the charges being weighed in court.

How crimes as a minor can haunt adulthood

According to 2011 Florida Statute 943.0515, here are some highlights of “Retention of Criminal History Records of Minors”:

  • Minors may retain a criminal history record if they were a habitual offender and their crimes were serious
  • Records as a minor may be merged with adult criminal records if they fall under criteria

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In this current job market, there are many choices for employers to make from the large pool of qualified applicants. Any applicant with any background issues, such as juvenile past crimes on their record will have little or no success at finding gainful employment. This is most unfortunate for those who have learned from their past mistakes and simply want to start fresh and get a good job to secure their future. It is possible to have criminal records expunged by a good Florida expungement attorney. Not only can a criminal record cause problems in finding a good paying job, it can also stall or cause denial of housing as most tenants are made to submit to a credit report and criminal background check before they are considered a good risk for tenancy. Criminal drug records will also disqualify a student for federal financial aid, making a higher education out of reach. All these obstacles in life will set a path of low income and poverty in front of a young person before they even get a chance to start out. Self improvement could be completely stifled and a life of crime could become the only alternative for some. This could be prevented by the assistance of an Orlando lawyer’s expertise in the area of defense and expungement of criminal history.

How can you get your records removed?

Certainly a parent will do all that is legally possible to protect their child, especially when the child needs assistance with their criminal background. When there is a juvenile criminal record for a child in Orlando, Florida, it is best to seek advice from Orlando juvenile defense attorneys. The system can be brutal on the young and fairness is a must to prevent damage to the future of those youthful offenders that learn from their mistakes. Finding the professional attorney that can offer defense services and also expungement services is tantamount to restoring a healthy reputation of those just starting out in life. A young person that realizes that criminal activities are best to be avoided and will benefit from expungement services, will also greatly benefit from the competent services of a lawyer in Orlando that can handle the legal court case as well as background expungement.

Do I Need to Worry About Record History When I Was a Minor?