Customs Agent Seizes $72k in Cash at Orlando Airport

Customs Agent Seizes $72k in Cash at Orlando Airport

Customs Agent Seizes $72k in Cash at Orlando Airport

In late October, Orlando International Airport seized $72,000 in cash from a traveler’s backpack. The traveler came through the airport but failed to report any amount of cash in his possession to customs. Once the sizeable stash was discovered, U.S. customs agents gave the offender multiple opportunities to report the currency. During the investigation, however, he reported two conflicting amounts – $15,000 and $51,000, neither of which was correct. As a result, the individual was arrested and the cash was seized.

To some observers, the case brought up the question of  “How much cash am I required to report to customs?” Here, we’ll explore the answer to that question.

What Am I Required to Report to Airport Customs?

Any time you travel in and out of the country, you’re required to go through customs. It’s the responsibility of customs to control the flow of goods through the country to prevent illegal business transactions. Items you’re required to report to customs include: 

  • Animals
  • Transports
  • Firearms
  • Food
  • Personal Effects
  • Hazardous Items
  • Cash (more than $10,000)

Depending on which country you’re traveling to or from, there may also be items you’re not allowed to bring through customs. In the United States, there are specific restrictions on items such as alcohol, raw meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, firearms, automobiles, and more. To prevent serious issues, it’s recommended that you check up on all the restrictions for such items before deciding to travel with them.

Penalties for Not Reporting Currency to Customs in Florida

Any time you travel with more than $10,000 in cash, it must be reported to customs via Form FINCen 105. The United States does not draw any fines or fees for cash brought into this country but does report all amounts to the IRS. If you fail to report cash over $10,000, you’re subject to serious penalties including:

  • Seizure of the money
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Incarceration

Furthermore, because unreported cash raises red flags for the U.S. government, you might be required to report where you obtained the money and what your plans are for it. Anytime a person is caught with unreported cash, it’s in their best interest to obtain a criminal defense lawyer who can help them understand the criminal process and navigate them through the court proceedings. 

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Customs Agent Seizes $72k in Cash at Orlando Airport