Couple charged in alleged heist of $85,000 in eyewear

Couple charged in alleged heist of $85,000 in eyewear

Orange County, Florida readers know that theft charges come with serious consequences. Possible jail time and hefty fines may be imposed. Damage to an accused individual’s reputation is also a negative outcome to consider. A couple is currently facing such possibilities after they were accused of and charged with stealing nearly 300 pairs of eyeglass frames with an estimated worth of $85,000.

According to Sunrise County, Florida police, the couple allegedly stole the designer sunglasses over the course of week from various Florida eyeglass retailers. The duo is now facing theft charges after they reportedly were planning to take the take the sunglasses to their home state for resale.

The report also pointed out that the couple used a rented car during the alleged theft spree and detectives presumed that the couple planned to return the vehicle before boarding a flight to California. Detectives carrying an arrest warrant for grand theft apprehended the couple at the car rental location. The pair reportedly drove away but was soon stopped by local street police because they were not wearing their seat belts.

During the stop, the 28-year-old man consented to vehicle search request by the police and 285 pairs of designer eyewear were found in the vehicle’s trunk. Police also found drugs. Besides theft charges, the couple was also slapped with drug possession charges. They were taken into custody and a $151,000 bond was set.

When facing criminal charges, an Orange County resident has two possible legal routes: One is to file a plea deal to significantly lessen the charges. A second route is to fight for dismissal of charges. Both options will benefit from the guidance of an experienced criminal law professional for the best outcome.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Couple arrested in eyeglass theft spree, Sunrise police say,” Erika Pesantes, March 18, 2014

Couple charged in alleged heist of $85,000 in eyewear