Committed advocacy for those facing hit-and-run charges

Committed advocacy for those facing hit-and-run charges

When most people learn about a recent hit-and-run accident on the Internet or nightly news, they confidently think to themselves that they could never do anything like that under any circumstances.

While this attitude is certainly laudable, it is perhaps overly simplistic, as it fails to account for the reality that the conditions under which most hit-and-run accidents occur are typically far from black-and-white.

For example, in many situations people leave the scene of the accident because they have a warrant out for their arrest and mistakenly believe that no property damage or bodily harm occurred. Similarly, they may have hit a parked car after having only a few drinks and fear a drunk driving arrest. Finally, they may not have even realized they hit anything or simply panicked.

Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to understand that leaving the scene of an accident can be a very serious matter resulting in very serious criminal charges, particularly when the crash resulted in bodily injuries or even death.

This naturally begs the question as to what responsibilities a motorist has if involved in a car accident. First and foremost, if the wreck results in harm to another, the person must remain on the scene and contact emergency responders.

If the wreck results in property damage and the property owner is not present, the motorist cannot simply leave a note given that it could disappear before the property owner has a chance to read it (weather, third party removal, etc.). Rather, they must contact law enforcement to file an accident report.

Finally, if the wreck results in property damage and the property owner is present, the motorist must remain at the scene and exchange the necessary information, including name, address, insurance data, contact information and driver’s license numbers.

At the Umansky Law Firm, we understand how frightening and discouraging it can be to find yourself involved in a hit-and-run accident. That’s precisely why we provide comprehensive, aggressive and non-judgmental representation designed to uncover what exactly happened and execute the necessary actions.

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Committed advocacy for those facing hit-and-run charges