Central Florida Police Take Gun from UCF Student’s Home

Central Florida Police Take Gun from UCF Student’s Home

Central Florida Police Take Gun from UCF Student’s Home

Just one week after Governor Rick Scott signed into law tighter gun restrictions after the Parkland shooting, the city of Orlando petitioned for a “risk protection order” against a UCF student deemed a threat to his community. By filing the petition, police were able to take a handgun from the home of the 21-year-old student who claimed he idolized mass shooters like the Las Vegas shooter and the Parkland shooter. During an interview with police, the student said he was just “one life-altering event away” from gathering the “courage” to open fire on an Orlando school, according to court records.

The investigation began on February 10, 2018, after Orlando police received a tip about concerning comments made on Reddit. The student had left comments online stating he idolized the Las Vegas and Parkland shooters, calling them “My hero!” and that he desired the “adrenaline rush” of carrying out a mass shooting.

The student lived with his parents, who owned a revolver and some ammunition. He had experience in a shooting range and had been bullied at two Orlando schools growing up — Lake Nona High School and Odyssey Middle School. The petition stated that he had thoughts about committing a mass shooting at both of these schools; however, documents did not reveal any detailed plans for an attack.

New Gun Laws Choke Second Amendment Rights

After the police interview, the student was committed to a mental health clinic under the Baker Act. UCF and Orlando police and the FBI arrived at the home to take away the father’s firearm. Investigators claimed the student’s family handed the gun over willingly before the petition was even signed by a judge.

To date, the student has not been charged nor arrested for any crime. His attorney claims that law enforcement abused their power as her client was not being serious online. In a forum like Reddit, where the individuals “feed off each other” and “act like trolls,” she urged that he would never commit the acts in real life and that he is being treated unfairly. Additionally, she claims her client was nervous during the police interview while answering hypothetical questions and that he had never purchased a weapon.

Under the injunction, the student is temporarily barred from owning or purchasing weapons like firearms. It is likely that due to his being Baker Acted, the UCF student will be labeled “mentally ill” and thus prevented from purchasing weapons in the future, despite never having committed a crime. This is a breach of the student’s and his family’s Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

Orlando Gun Rights Attorneys Protect Your Right to Bear Arms

The people have the right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense; yet due to the push for stricter gun control, it is now becoming more difficult for law-abiding citizens to exercise this right. If you are under investigation for a firearm offense in Orlando, you deserve the tough and competent representation of an Orlando gun rights lawyer to protect your rights.

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Central Florida Police Take Gun from UCF Student’s Home