Caught Driving While License Suspended or Revoked?

Caught Driving While License Suspended or Revoked?

M.R lost his job after his corporation downsized because of an economic downturn. Facing foreclosure on his home and mounting medical bills, M.R. was unable to pay off his outstanding speeding tickets. One day, after long hard day of work, M.R. was driving home when an Orlando Police Department officer ran his tag which came back suspended. The officer ordered M.R. out of the car and the told him to place his hands on the trunk of his car.

Scared and upset, M.R. did what he was told while the officer began to question him concerning the driver’s license suspension. M.R. asked for a break as he was just trying to get home, but the officer did not want to listen and told M.R. to turn around and keep his hands in front of him. The officer told M.R. that he was placing him under arrest for Driving While License Suspended and Revoked. After handcuffing M.R. and placing him in the patrol car, M.R. was transported to the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida where he spent the next 24 hours with hardened criminals until he was bonded out of jail.

M.R. contacted the criminal defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm who discussed with M.R. his rights and his legal defenses. The lawyers at the Umansky Law Firm filed pleadings on M.R.’s behalf and began to fight the DL suspension and to try and have his charges dropped or reduced. The lawyers filed pleadings waiving M.R.’s appearance at the Driving While License arraignment so that M.R. would not have to take off time from his new job. The lawyers pled not guilty on behalf of M.R. and requested trial by a jury of M.R.’s peer. Before trial, the lawyers filed motions attacking the reason for the police officer’s decision to stop M.R. and ultimately were able to work out a satisfactory resolution with the prosecutor so that M.R. avoided jail, probation, and a longer D. L. Suspension.

Ultimately M.R. was able to reinstate his driver’s license and now he drives without fear of the police pulling him over and arresting him. M.R. ultimately got back on his feet, got his life back and has a great job and just recently bought a new home for him and his family.

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Caught Driving While License Suspended or Revoked?